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Struggling to find the perfect gift for a gentleman in your life? A wooden watch could make for a memorable and highly thoughtful gift. The other good news is that there are a variety of wood watches that will fit every budget and suit everyone's tastes and preferences.

A new dimension of watches was introduced when wooden watches hit the market. Yes, even we could not believe that these watches are made entirely from different types of wood. In many wooden watches, the face and the straps of the watch are made of wood, in other wood watches only the straps or the face are made of wood. There are many advantages of wood watches among them being that they are super light weight and comfortable.

uwood wooden watch
Advantages of Wood Watches:

  • Light weight and comfortable

Unlike steel watches, wood watches weigh relatively lower due to the build material. Wood watches are also more comfortable as the wood is finely processed and each watch is made to fit.

  • Great for the skin

This is especially for those who have sensitive skins or other skin conditions.

  1. Great a style tool

There is no denying that a wooden watch is aesthetically pleasing and great accessory in a fashion sense with the wide variety of shades that are available.

Overall, wooden watches are a great invention and are a great way to tell time. There are many manufacturers that are launching in this market segment and it is exciting to see the watches they will create. With improved workmanship we expect that wooden watches will soon to be a major rival to steel watches.


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    Are your Watches made out of reclaimed or recycled wood? Are they eco-friendly?


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