About us

UWOOD Is a young brand, established in 2016.

Zhangshu Ke has been working in the wood industry for a long time before he discovered his passion for wooden clocks and accessories.
Our aim is to follow current lifestyle trends and reconnect these with natural elements, thus combining fashion and the protection of the environment.
With our extraordinary wooden watches we create time for nature.
Wood was the first material men have used to create tools. Today it has evolved into a material preferred by many designers
Wood infuses any product with charisma and with ever evolving woodworking techniques is both a traditional and modern material.
Wood is sustainable, renewable and real.
Our unique watches are made of high quality leftover maple, hackberry, zebrano, oak and sandal-wood.

We believe that uniting nature and technique, environment and art, paves the right way for our future. Therefore, we support different projects for the reforestation.
We kindly invite you to be a part of this movement.

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